Origins data dashboard

Measure, monitor and improve people’s mental well-being with the Origins app.

The Origins app provides insight. There are increasing signs that people’s mental well-being is under pressure. Origins helps to provide insight into the mental well-being of people. With the Origins app, organizations, institutions, and schools can discover and research how people are doing. Get to understand people’s mental well-being better with data reporting from the app.


Healthcare providers



Solutions for professionals

Measure, monitor & improve the mental wellbeing of people with the real-time data dashboard from Origins.

STEP 1  –  Measure

Daily measure and monitor how things are going mentally.

STEP 2  –  Insight

Over time, recognize patterns and provide insight into the bottlenecks.

STEP 3  –  Improve

Provide tools for students and teachers be able to work on it (daily).

Origins Dashboard

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